What is Rhum Arrangé?                                     _______________________


Let’s get literal, shall we? Literally translated, “rhum arrangé” means “rearranged rhum”. And trust us, once you try it, you’ll have a rearranged perspective.

An iconic part of Reunion Island culture, rhum arrangé is made by infusing white rhum with fruits and spices and allowing the ingredients to macerate over time to produce an absolutely smashing concoction that will have you reaching for a bottle whenever you’re in good company.

Rhum arrangé has the two most important components of any origin story: pirates and rough seas.

Way, way back, merchants and pirates would use rhum to preserve tropical fruits, spices and plants as they were transported between islands. Rhum’s high alcohol content and low cost made it the perfect preservative back in the day when fridges weren’t a thing yet. And, as an added bonus, it made for a great celebration when the ship’s journey was over!

As the fruits sloshed around in the rhum on the high seas (and the travellers got sloshed on the mix), the merchants and pirates started to notice something pretty wild: Not only were the fruits being preserved, but their natural flavours were being infused in the rhum, resulting in a delicious and buzzy combination. So, the merchants started selling their infused rhums to Reunion Island locals, and so the culture of rhum arrangé was born.

We’re not entirely sure what the pirates did to advance the culture, but they were there nonetheless.


Isautier Arrangé                                                 _______________________


While we may have made it seem like you just throw a few ingredients in a jar and you’ve got yourself a decent beverage, making a good rhum arrangé is absolutely not that simple. Instead, it’s a meticulous process that requires care and attention for the rhum to be drinkable, let alone something that will knock your proverbial socks off.

The Isautier Arrangé has won multiple awards at festivals and competitions across four continents for a reason. The Isautier range is the product of a perfected maceration process that takes traditional white rhum and infuses it with locally sourced fresh fruits and spices, and sugar cane grown on the Isautier property.

These ingredients are infused in just the right way so as to capture the natural depth of flavours and aromas without having to rely on the essences and additives often found in liqueurs and infused spirits. Whether you want to drink it on its own straight out of the freezer, or you want to add it to cocktails, desserts and other recipes, the Isautier Arrangé is to rhum what Champagne is to, well, Champagne: It’s the real deal.




Not normally a Rhum fan but got to try this and damn it's good. Can't wait to try all of them!!

Frank Furfaro



Holy F'ing Shitballs! Soooo good! I'm still tasting that lingering worthers originals favour from the Vanilla and DAT BANANA FLAMBÉ????

Josh Nicholson


Seriously delicious and exactly what you need when you want to have fun. I never knew rum could be blended in such a unique and tasty way. Highly recommended!!

A manda Nullmeyers


Got to sample these delicious rums at the good food and wine show. So great that I bought a bottle of the ginger and citrus. Yummy!

Brayan Maloney



Banana Flambé is one of the best rums I've ever tasted because of that REAL caramelised banana flavour! Outstanding stuff.

Oliver Bourne





Delicious rums, so much nicer than what you can typically get here! Highly recommended!

karrie Louden


This is going to be a big hit at parties! Really smooth and I do like it on the rocks! Looking forward to bringing YummyRhum on board our events in Australia! Ladies are going to love this! Great stuff Team!

Karan Bajaj


I'm not normally a rum drinker, until I tried this Yummy Rhum. Now everything else seems pale and watery in comparison. I couldn't recommend this higher.

David Humphries


Dangerously delicious! Definitely gets the party started

Giancarla Graneri


I once drank this rum.
Now I can fly and have the strength of 1000 men...
No, but seriously it's the most amazing drink I have ever had, privileged to be one of the early testers from AUS

Yusef Kay