The Isautier Family 


The Isautier Distillery was established in 1845 by Louis and Charles Isautier, two brothers who had arrived on Reunion Island from the French mainland just a few years prior. Today, 172 years and seven generations later, the Isautier Distillery is the oldest-running business and the only family-owned distillery on Reunion Island (and if you don’t mind us tooting our own horn, we’d also like to point out that ours was the only distillery on Reunion to survive World War II).

Throughout its history, the Isautier family has been paramount in the development of, and has advocated for the rights of those working in, agriculture on Reunion Island. To this day, the Isautier family is big, not in numbers, but in reputation on Reunion.

And not to brag (but totally to brag), the Isautier Distillery was named Distillery of the Year at the 2017 New York International Spirits Competition.

Want to learn more about the family and everything else Isautier, here is our official website.

And.. no you dont have to read it in French, we have it in English for you :)

Reunion Island 

Reunion Island is a small and idyllic tropical island located south of Africa between Madagascar and Mauritius, smack-bang in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The island came to be when a giant volcano erupted, leaving in its wake an exotic paradise replete with mountainous landscapes, black sand beaches, luscious forests and cascading waterfalls.

Not only is the island a beautiful home for its people and an exotic escape for visitors, it’s proof that people of all skin colours, ethnicities and religions can live together in perfect harmony. With its diverse historical background, Reunion is home to people of many cultures. The population is largely Métissé, meaning “mixed ancestry”, and everyone takes great pride in their mixed racial heritage.

Sweetness is deeply woven into the fabric of Reunion Island, both in literal terms with its production and exportation of sugar, and in figurative terms with the belief of its inhabitants that everything and everyone should be celebrated with a festive get-together and a bottle (or more) of rhum.